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CMA (comprehensive meta-analysis) workshop is where I started my structured learning of meta-analysis.

In addition to learning basics of meta-analysis, the workshop also trains you on how to use the software.

Check out the website for more information:

CMA software

CMA (comprehensive meta-analysis) software is the only one I know how to use.

I think it has an easy-to-use interface.

I know at least two friends who have learned the software by themselves without attending the workshop.

So, its not impossible and you will find many tutorial videos on CMA website and on youtube.

MAC users note that CMA software does not work on macOS.

Image editor

After trying various softwares, I can definitely recommend irfanview.

Check it out here:

Only works on windows.

Easy one to get your forest-plots edited, text added, change resolution to 300dpi and save as .tiff format.

An online free one:


Our team works best remotely at each person's convenience.

Google-drive, google-document, google-sheet have been our best friends.

Team members can work simultaneously in real-time and follow each others edits.


There are multiple reference managers, paid and unpaid.

I have been spoilt by using EndNote for sometime, however it's a paid software.

An advantage is that the librarian sends back the formal literature search as an EndNote file, which makes my work easier.

Check it out:

Other one is zotero:


These are softwares (AI powered) that help you as a co-pilot in the actual writing, paraphrase, grammar edits, copy-edit of your manuscript and more.

Paperpal:, Writefull:

There is a payment for full unlimited services.


If you have not checked this amazing NLP powered chat-bot from OpenAI yet, I highly recommend you do NOW!

This will be the next big disruptor in technological advancement. Check it out at

This AI powered bot can actually suggest you a research idea!


I have not personally tried these apps/ websites, but have heard great things about them.

These are all literature review softwares (AI powered) that help discover, visualize, share and monitor your literature search.

Litmaps (, Researchrabbit (, connectedpapers (


These are softwares (AI powered) that help summarize, decode academic articles for you.

Paper digest (, scispace (, consensus (


I am sure I have missed other useful suggestions.

Hopefully we all can learn about other resources.

Please send me your suggestions (contact me), will add and acknowledge you for your contributions.

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gray elephant cub walking alone on pathway creating dust