DDW 2024: May 18 to 21 D.C

31 accepted abstracts (21 of them are Meta-Analyses)

6 lecture presentations (all meta-analyses), mark your calendars -->

Sat, May 18, 1000: EBL vs APC in GAVE by Archit Garg

Sat, May 18, 1000: Endoscopic stricturotomy in IBD by Vishali Moond

Sat, May 18, 1600: NSBB+EVL in varices by Anjali Byale

Tue, May 21, 1000: Stricture prevention strategies post esophageal ESD by Sam Seleq

Tue, May 21, 1000: Irregular Z-line biopsy outcomes by Pradeep Yarra

Tue, May 21, 1400: Risk of DeNovo BE post sleeve gastrectomy by Saurabh Chandan

A HUGE congratulations to all lead authors

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forestplot mentorship

The forestplot research mentorship & scholarship

Inaugural year 2024

Congratulations Sruthi Venugopalan & Misha Gautam

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Candidates selection for 2025 will be open Dec 2024


I remember reaching out to you via email in March this year (2023) after I matched into residency and was anxious a about how I will be able to publish giving my almost little to background in research. You encouraged me and gave me a few pointers. Fast forward just submitted my first abstract to DDW...working on projects using NIS Database, and learning Meta Analysis. We all need someone like Dr Babu Mohan to point us in the right direction.”

- Raymond Wadie

Thank you for this initiative.”

- Kailash Kolhe

Under his guidance, I managed to complete an entire meta-analysis on my own after discovering Dr Mohan's forest plot website that breaks down this daunting topic into simple chunks. Looking forward to furthering my skills in the coming months!

- Mannat Bhatia


to help medical students, residents/ fellows in training, and anyone looking to learn meta-analysis, info on the match, USA green card


Babu P. Mohan MD

(Consultant Gastroenterologist, Orlando Gastroenterology PA, Orlando, FL, USA. Associate Editor for BioStats - Gastrointestinal Endoscopy journal)

Disclaimer: Some information on this website are subject to change and argument. What I have summarized on this website are purely based on my experience. Please do your own research for more accurate data.

Explore the site at your own pace

You will find resources on

  • How to do a meta-analysis?

  • Team to collaborate

  • GI fellowship, green-card

and hopefully more, as I work my way building & maintaining this website

To go to meta-analysis page, click here (be sure to read 'how to benefit' section)

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white concrete lighthouse


At current rate, I am talking to 2 - 4 new person each month, from across the globe, for hours, about how to publish, meta-analysis, green-card, and GI fellowship.

Although its tiring to talk the same stuff for hours each time, I guess I like it as I am passionate about sharing, teaching, connecting, & learning.

Above all, considering how much help I had for myself back in 2015 (literally none), it's soul satisfying to just ... help.

To help.. is the motto of this website (and ... ya, I heard you.. of course to avoid repetition and save some personal time & energy.. lol).


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man in brown shirt and pants standing on gray concrete floor

Intro video

Intro to forestplot.com, goals of the website and how you can contribute

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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

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body of water under cloudy sky during daytime
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