Gather all files for submission.

Check target journal requirements.

Complete additional files like diversity form, disclosure form etc.

Cover letter, figures/ images must be 300dpi or larger - I use a free software called 'irfaan view' for this (works only on windows).

There are other online software too, google them.


Pay attention to ensure your title page details and journal submission site meta-data are identical.

All emails must be entered properly.

Abstract must be 250 words or less.

Some journals ask for 'summary box' statement.


Reviewers' inputs come in anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the journal.

Address all points raised.

Prepare a response file and reply to each comment 'point-by-point.'

Acknowledge, agree most of the time and incorporate suggested changes to your manuscript. Always submit two versions, one with 'track-changes' highlighted and one 'clean'.

The folklore is not true, reviewer-2 is not always nasty!

Submission video

Gather all your submission files, adjust and arrange as per the journal's 'instruction to authors'


After acceptance, you get the PDF proofs to proof-read.

Answer queries raised by the typesetters.

Prepare and submit a graphic abstract if you wish (I use a website called for free-lancing graphic designers) sometimes the journal will do it for you for no charge.

Publish video

Path to publication, the reviewer's comments, and the final proofs


Congratulations, savor the proud moment.

Your name is now eternal.

Your study is now out there to help medical professionals and improve patient care, GLOBALLY..! (I will always remember these words from Dr. Adler as my papers were getting published).

woman running on hallway
woman running on hallway

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