Literature Search


To explore an idea, I personally like as my initial search site.

Execute at least three to five rounds of search by clicking on 'related articles' link below each study link on google-scholar and 'similar articles' on PubMed.

Make sure to save the study links as it would be useful later on for Librarian executed formal literature search.

Literature search part1

Librarian search

A formal literature search instruction should be sent to a medical librarian.

Knowing how to use EndNote, or RefWorks software would be very helpful to sort out study citations sent by the librarian.

Literature search part2

Search instructions

Study title

Patient population

Intervention/ Exposure

Review start & end date

Databases to be searched

Inclusion & Exclusion criteria

Suggested search terms

3 to 4 PubMed study citations

Literature search part3


woman in red dress standing on gray concrete stairs
woman in red dress standing on gray concrete stairs

Register your study protocol on any prospective systematic-review registration sites.

Examples include PROSPERO.

Your actual work, my friend, has just begun.

Literature search part4

Literature search part5

please reach out if I have missed any details on "Literature Search'