'articles in press'


Here is a real-life incident that I hope will help anyone struggling to come up with an idea.

This one was conceived from 'articles in press', 'online first', 'pre-print' articles etc.

Hopefully this example illustrates the usefulness of following various journals, reading at least the title of new articles accepted for publication, and exploring the possibility of a meta-analysis.


We all have smart-phones, wifi, 5G and what not, to be in touch with everyone online and access information.

Additionally, I am sure majority of us have made it a daily habit to browse the phone while sitting on the 'privy'.

This idea entered my gray matter, one fine morning, while my bowels were emptying! (excuse me, but I am just stating the honest facts)

Online first

An online-first article caught my attention.

It was a RCT reporting on the use of Hemospray in upper GI bleed, comparing it with standard endoscopy therapy.

A RCT is big deal guys.

I later shared the idea with someone (Dr. Smit Deliwala, GI Fellow at Emory, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) who was exploring ideas for a new meta-analysis project.

The date as you can all see was Sep 04, 2022. (and I just realized it was a Sunday.. LOL)


An informal literature search revealed multiple previous meta-analyses published on this topic, however data was limited with respect to meta-analysis of RCTs.

We saw an opportunity, as meta-analysis exclusively of RCTs would yield better data as compared to studies published thus far.

Formal search was sent to the librarian. Data collection, analysis, & write-up followed.

Manuscript submitted in November, 2022 and accepted Feb 2023.

Ideas are available all around you my friend.

The previous example took off at the bedside, whereas this one started with an 'online-first' article.

Recently, many people have shared their struggle in formulating a study idea.

I wanted to present this real-life case of a meta-analysis that came, not from the bedside, but from browsing the phone sitting on a commode!

The struggle is real, I acknowledge, however your next idea is just around the corner.

You will find it, if you look for it!

brown and white concrete buildings during daytime
brown and white concrete buildings during daytime