AI, machine learning in GI

All you need to know & wanted to know

What is AI?

Machine learning algorithms & neural networks.., wait, what..?

Where are we, & where are we headed..?

Just numbers, jargons & hype..? Or, is there clinical relevance and utility...?


AI is a broad umbrella term that includes machine learning.

Machine learning algorithms make connections between inputs and outputs to make predictions.

Key thing to know is that both input value and output value are fed at the training stage.

AI in GI

Lot is happening in AI-GI, and lot is un-happening at the same time..!

Computer vision based detection and diagnosis of lesions in colonoscopy is FDA approved! However, not gathering the expected momentum in regular GI practice.

AI in GI

What should we be aware of with rapid output of AI in GI studies?

Any and every diagnostic accuracy study in AI - ie training set followed by testing test - will always report high values. So don't get excited the next time you see one!

What we really should lookout for is real-life studies comparing outcomes with and without AI in GI interventions.

AI in GI

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