Investment info


I had zero knowledge about any investment information pertaining to the United States for a medical doctor. (to be honest, I had no knowledge of any investment in any country that I lived).

This is not a legal investment advice. Just a snap-shot of what I understand, and hope you get an early insight to what this is all about.

Things I wish I knew with more clarity from day-1 of my residency.


Its all about savings, paycheck to paycheck.

Includes saving for retirement, saving on taxes, being aware of and utilizing all legally available methods.

Please click on the investment tab above for dropdown options. Will start with 401K and add more as I keep learning and implementing them in my own life.

Many of my colleagues and friends already know all this and even more. What I am presenting here are things I wish I knew when I got my very first paycheck in the United States.


If you find any error or know more useful stuff pertaining to this section, please feel free to leave a message. I will acknowledge and include your comments to the appropriate section.

Once again, THIS IS NOT A LEGAL INVESTMENT advice. Happy learning!