With teamI2 I hope to help you create your own study team

Student, resident, or fellows as study leads, with one or more senior author mentors

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senior author mentors

Also, see below for information on 'forestplot mentorship' program

forestplot mentorship/ scholarship

what is it?

A dedicated one-on-one mentorship

For medical students applying to internal medicine residency (preferable with interest in GI), or

Internal medicine residents applying to GI fellowship

how does it work?

Submit your interest

Mention that you are applying for the forestplot research mentorship program, and we will contact you for your resume/ CV

2 candidates will be selected per calendar year (selection process starts Dec 1 the preceding year)


Selection will be based on your CV, interest in research, publication profile, statsitics skillset, experience etc.

Dont have any research experience? No problem, learn from this website and increase your chances of getting selected

Preferred candidates: IM residency applicants who have completed all USMLE steps, and IM 1st year residents


There is no money or fees for this program, therefore there is no money in scholarship

However, the plan is to financially support attendance of GI conferences in the US (DDW & ACG), hopefully with abstract presentations in your name

Both candidates will benefit on conference registration and lodging expenses (we will see if travel can be covered)

If interested, candidates can shadow/ observe GI clinical practice for free (details on lodging, covering other expenses can be discussed)

2024 selection is now closed