courage to fail

failures dont scare me anymore

12/24/20221 min read

green plant on brown soil
green plant on brown soil

A quick try on my first blog post as I was editing this website for a 2023 new-year's launch.

As with any first time writers, I experienced a thought block, a brain freeze. Nothing out of ordinary in the US I guess, as more than 80% of the country was under the grip of an arctic blast and some sort of bomb cyclone on Christmas eve of 2022.

I have failed multiple times. So many times that I dont fear it anymore. I dont fear people. I dont fear if they would think ill about me or talk bad about me. I dont fear if I would be a laughing stock. I dont fear if I would be looked down upon. I dont fear if I dont have any help. I dont fear to take the path less traveled. I dont fear to travel alone. I dont fear to try something new. I dont fear to fail again.

I got the courage to fail and I consider this as my single most important strength. The courage to fail.