cotton bridge

work-life balance


12/27/20221 min read

I had a dream last night. I was on a river bank and was looking over the river at the other bank. Things appeared greener. Well, isn't that how it is always? I desperately wanted to check out the other side of the river, however the river stream was pretty strong and I am not a great swimmer. Wait, there was a bridge I could take.

I approached the bridge, and to my dismay the bridge didn't appear that strong. It was made of cotton! A cotton bridge? Well, I am dreaming isn't it? If its cotton, its cotton. But then, it's my dream! So why not I change the bridge to something stronger and get over to the other side? Alas, for some reason, the cotton-bridge stayed. I couldn't change it.

The strong river stream was happiness. It kept a balanced distance between the banks. I realized one bank was 'work' and the other 'life'. One could draw happiness from the river stream from either side of the river. It really did not matter on which river bank you are. Nevertheless, why is there so much talk about work-life balance? Is it because you are on the 'work' bank looking over at the other side and some how trying to get across the cotton bridge?

Although I couldn't change the cotton bridge, I figured I could change my river bank. After all, its my dream, right? I choose the 'life' side of the river. Life-work balance I like to call it. Along the direction of the stream, on the other side of the river bank, I see many staring at the cotton bridge.